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Canadians enjoy a reputation of working hard and playing hard. They have always looked upon online gaming favorably while it is no secret that the first online casinos were opened in Canada when most North American states still did not permit it. Thanks to lesser stringent laws, Canadians have access to some of the best online gambling sites. From entertaining games to wagers that suit every budget, lucrative bonuses, and multimillion dollar progressive jackpots, Girl’s Entertainment Network is where you will find all you need to know about online casinos in Canada.

Online casinos and Canadian law

Internet gambling law has always been shrouded by uncertainty in Canada. Its governments were always anti gambling until the 1960s. Later, when the Federal government granted rights to provinces to decide whether to permit gambling or poker, some provinces have begun holding lotteries while some casinos have been constructed.

The jury is still out though on whether the same edict grants the right for online casinos, online betting or online poker.  However, nobody has ever been charged with the criminal offence of playing online in Canada. The closest that the industry got into a dispute was when the Attorney General of Canada ruled that servers hosting online casinos and poker rooms from Indian reservations as unlawful but the proclamation was not followed up with charges and the servers continue to operate within the country’s borders.

The answer to the question whether casinos are legal in Canada can only be precisely answered when clear and concise laws are passed to that effect. However, nobody in the country has been charged for playing online. Even if a specific law points that a certain site cannot operate in the area, most of them continue to operate outside of jurisdiction.  It is therefore safe to say that you are never going to get into legal trouble for gambling online in Canada.

Provinces as regulators

Each province regulates online gaming sites within its geographical borders. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission also operates inside Canada and runs servers and regulates sites within Canada. It is now one of the recognized licensing and regulatory authorities for online casinos.

Winnings exempt from taxes

The taxation laws clearly state that unless online playing is a professional activity, winnings will be exempted from income tax laws. 

Some important online casinos in Canada

  • High Noon Casino one of the popular online casinos in Canada. Powered by RealTime Gaming (RTG) software, the casino features a wide range of games such as slots, video poker, table games, card games and more.  
32 Red Casino is owned and operated by the British gaming group 32Red Plc and offers over 500 graphically superb games online.

Sites for Canadian Players

These are some of the sites that are recommended to Canadian players who are interested in playing at online casinos.

Online Casino Canadian - Website that is dedicated to providing players from Canada with relevant information about gambling online and recommended CAD currency online casinos.

Top Casinos - This page at offers a listing of the most well respected Canadian online casinos along with reviews of each of the recommendations made.

OLG - The official website of the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation. Provides the winning numbers for Canadian lotteries and other information worthy of following.

BCLC - Website for the British Columbian Lottery & Gaming Corporation. Similar to that of the above listed OLG website but for BC residence. Also provides links to the BC official online gambling website.

Problem Gambing - The best resource for Canadians who are encountering a gambling problem either themselves or need to get friends or family assistance.


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