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Online Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions (Alderney, Gibraltar and Malta)

It is important to understand that there are laws to regulate online gambling. Every casino must hold a license from a regulatory authority that also monitors and oversees its activities.  Most online casinos choose their location based on the regulatory practices of the region. Operating from a jurisdiction known for stringent regulations, allows a casino to boost its reputation and attract a number of players. Before you sign up with a casino, it is important to check which online gambling jurisdiction the casino is licensed with to make sure you money is safe. At Girl’s Entertainment Network, we are serious about our helping players enjoy safe gaming online.

Some of the most reputed jurisdictions known for the best regulatory practices include Gibraltar, Malta and Alderney.


Gibraltar has been issuing licenses to gambling sites since 1998 and is now a famous gambling jurisdiction across the world. Many gambling sites, especially those from the UK, have chosen to base their operations in Gibraltar because of which the industry has become the top employment generator in this region.
The Gibraltar Licensing Authority is responsible for issuing licenses to online gambling operators and the rules are pretty stringent. They offer licenses only to entities with a history of running gambling operations and a sound financial background to ensure that every deposit a player makes is safe. The regulatory body issues seven different types of licenses including a gaming operator’s license.

It is incumbent on the gambling commissioner to ensure that all licensed bodies conduct their operations in compliance with the code of practice issued by him. Licensees are required to abide by certain advertising guidelines and get their accounts audited and submitted to the licensing authority annually.


Malta initially began issuing licenses to online gambling houses under the Public Lotto Ordinance but later revised it to begin issuing according to the Lotteries and Other Games Act 2001. To supplement this act, the Remote Gaming Regulations were introduced in 2004.

Licenses are issued for five years and the licensee has to stringently follow regulations pertaining to proper functioning of interactive games, player protection and prevention of money laundering. The licenses come with the condition that a part of the operations of the licensee has to be based in Malta. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority regulates all gambling activity in Malta including issuing licenses to online gambling sites.


The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was created as an autonomous, apolitical body in 2000. It is responsible for issuing licenses for online gambling and it does so by sticking to the highest international standards of fairness and transparency. Online casino customers may use the AGCC for arbitration in any dispute.


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